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Discover Pristine's Advanced Features, Redefining Robotic Cleaning Perfection

Fully Autonomous

With Pristine by your side, mundane cleaning duties become a thing of the past, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters.

Deviation & Revisit

Dynamical path replanning for uninterrupted cleaning and revisit feature to ensure no area is left uncleaned

Close-to-edge Cleaning

(Upcoming Feature)

High Efficieny & High Scrubbing Width 

Pristine has a wide scrubbing width of 680mm and can operate efficiently at high speeds of up to 0.8 m/s

Door Exit

Our door exit feature allows Pristine to navigate through narrow doors to allows for seamless execution

Comprehensive Safety Features of Pristine

Apricot Nexus


Task logs with detailed stats - hours worked, area cleaned, etc

Real-time Monitoring

Live robot viewer for real time monitoring

Task Logs & Reports

Detailed reports and stats about chemical and battery usage

Experience Rapid, Same-Day Service

Apricot provides rapid servicing ensuring immediate resolution and lower down times


A Fully Autonomous Robot

Explore our robotic cleaning solutions, each designed to elevate efficiency and redefine cleanliness standards in diverse environments.

Fully Autonomous Robot

Real - time Data

High Productivity

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